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Industrial Black Trash Liners
Industrial Black Trash Liners
Low density bags are thick, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing.
  • Bags work well with irregular shaped items.
  • Bags feature a star seal bottom.

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Industrial Black Trash Liners
Per Case
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24 x 24".46-7Flat Packed1000$53.82$52.63$51.43
24 x 24".76-7Flat Packed50036.8636.0435.22
24 x 24"1.06-7Coreless Roll50049.3048.2147.11
24 x 32".48-10Flat Packed100067.6566.1564.64
24 x 32".78-10Flat Packed50050.1449.0247.91
24 x 32"1.08-10Coreless Roll50065.7764.3162.85
30 x 36".920-30Flat Packed25047.4146.3645.30
30 x 36"1.220-30Flat Packed25052.5851.4150.25
33 x 39".533Flat Packed25039.8038.9138.03
33 x 39".733Flat Packed25046.3145.2844.25
33 x 40".933Flat Packed25056.7155.4554.19
33 x 39"1.233Flat Packed25062.8661.4660.06
33 x 39"1.533Flat Packed10037.5236.6835.85
33 x 39"1.733Flat Packed10049.7248.6247.51
33 x 39"2.033Flat Packed10049.8248.7147.60
40 x 46".540Flat Packed25050.9849.8448.71
40 x 46".740Flat Packed12538.6537.7936.93
40 x 46".940Flat Packed25081.4279.6177.80
40 x 46"1.240Flat Packed10041.6140.6839.76
40 x 46"1.540Flat Packed10046.4945.4644.43
40 x 46"2.040Flat Packed10060.9059.5558.19
36 x 58"1.255Flat Packed10050.1549.0447.92
36 x 58"1.555Flat Packed10054.8153.5952.37
38 x 58"2.055Coreless Roll10076.6874.9873.27
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